Feuchte- und Temperaturmessung zur Scheibenbeschlagserkennung in Tunneln

J.con THU Feuchte- und Temperaturmessung in Tunneln

J.con THU 2.0 is a measuring device in IP67 housing for a precise dew point calculation, humidity and temperature measurement in road tunnels. The use of an optional evaluation unit additionally allows windscreen fogging detection.

Many accidents in street tunnels are caused by a sudden fogging of the windscreen or visor when entering a tunnel. The reason for this condition is a windshield or visor that has been cooled by outside temperatures or wind leading to a quick condensation of the humid tunnel air. A considerable loss of visibility within a few seconds is the result. THU 2.0 detects this critical condition, warns the tunnel operator and countermeasures can be initiated immediately.

THU 2.0 consists of several sensors constantly measuring temperature and humidity.  Using these values THU is capable of calculating further values such as the dew point. 

By combining several THU 2.0 devices with our optional evaluation unit, the fogging probability can be calculated. These data are transmitted directly to the ventilation control system.

To calculate the fogging probability, extended calculations are necessary. A mere dew point examination is insufficient for fogging detection. To obtain a reliable result, several THU devices are therefore mounted in- and outside of the tunnel and connected to the evaluation unit. A fogging warning automatically switches on the tunnel ventilation in time, reducing humidity in the tunnel air until the device measures a clear undercut of the fogging probability. The parameterization of THU can simply be performed via web browser.

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