The constant change of technology, applications and markets, as well as the increasing demands on products, represent a continuous challenge for companies. As we want to actively shape the future, the development and improvement of products and services is an essential part of our business. The prerequisite for this is a reliable and trusting cooperation between our team and customers. Customer needs become reality through the creativity, competence and commitment of our employees.


J.con GmbH is a cosmopolitan, internationally active company offering solutions in the field of measurement and automation technology as well as process optimization in the areas of development, production and product management. Our claim is to be one step ahead of the future. We therefore recognize future-oriented developments at an early stage and offer this knowledge to our partners as intelligent solutions. This mission statement serves as orientation for our employees but also as information for our customers. It is a guideline for our behaviour both internally and externally and promotes an environment characterized by respect and mutual appreciation.


Competence, responsibility, dedication and the courtesy of our employees are the prerequisites for a successful company. Therefore, we offer an environment with opportunities and freedom to help employees recognize and apply their skills and talents. We therefore place great emphasis on a working atmosphere characterized by respect and appreciation. Polite, honest, but also tolerant behaviour towards other employees forms the basis for our values. This is the only way to create a working environment in which employees can learn from each other, continuously improve their qualifications and develop ther personalities. This enables us to realize long-term cooperations in a highly productive team.


Every employee, regardless of task and hierarchy, supports the goals of the company with the will to give his/her best. Courtesy and respect towards both, customers and employees are a matter of course. We are pleased about the curiosity, personal responsibility and independence of our employees and would like to grant the greatest possible freedom for this through promotion and further training. Coupled with tolerance and openness among our employees, we have the opportunity to shape the future. We consider it a strength to recognize a mistake in a project and to tackle it actively and openly without delay. This openness is fully supported by our team, because keeping silent about a mistake harms the entire team.

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