Ultrasound flow measurement for road tunnels

TPA is a reliable and cost-optimized ultrasound flow meter for road tunnels.

According to the current European tunnel guidelines, air flow meters must be installed in tunnels and underpasses with lengths of more than 200 meters. In Especially accidents with fire in tunnels represent critical emergency situations, which place high demands on the ventilation control. In these cases, but also for standard operation, air flow measurement in tunnels is of great importance with regard to safety.

Due to the relevance of the measured values, the devices are installed as series of three consecutive measurement stations. These measurement stations provide the ventilation control system with reliable information about the flow pattern within the tunnel, thus enabling control of the air flow pattern in emergencies. In addition, the sensors provide important information about the performance of the tunnel ventilation system during regular operation and serve to monitor the overall system.

J.con TPA is an ultrasound flow meter capable of measuring the air flow over the entire tunnel cross-section. Depending on  tunnel geometry, common cross-tunnel measurements can be performed with sensors mounted on both tunnel walls. Alternatively, TPA can be operated in a reflection mode with sensors on one side of the tunnel only. In this case, the sensors measures flow velocity and direction contactless over the entire tunnel cross-section without exceeding health impairing sound pressure levels.

Using a new type of signal detection and diagnostic technology, TPA provides reliable flow values for optimized and energy-efficient tunnel ventilation. The seperate evaluation unit has a modular design and allows a connection to all common data transmission and control systems. Long-term maintenance intervals and the availability of installation, commissioning and a 24-hour service are part of the offer. Our teams are ready for you!

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