Secure level meter for pressurized cryogenic gas tanks

LiquiScale Füllstandsmessgerät für kryogene Gase

LiquiScale is a secure level meter for pressurized cryogenic gas tanks. Our measuring system features a drift-stable differential pressure technology (drift over 10 years less than 0.3%) and reliably monitors filling level and head pressure. The large, brightness-controlled LED display allows high readability even at a 5m distance, in the dark or in full sunlight.
Optical alarm signals such as flashing and colour changes immediately indicate critical conditions. This reduces the risk of accidents and increases safety during the filling process.

A coloured bargraph, the percentage display and a level indication offering the direct conversion into Nm3, litres, kg or english reference quantities, enable end customers to easily assess their gas supply and range.

LiquiScale comes standard with a configuration software. This software allows a simple and menu-guided parameterization. Thus, LiquiScale can be adapted easily to customer-specific tank geometries and liquid densities. The data entered can easily be changed by the tank operator and the device can be parameterized for different gas tanks at any time. Once configured, the data can be saved as PDF file and uploaded again.

LiquiScale has a configurable analog output (0 / 4 – 20mA) and two adjustable limit contacts. The device is available with 24VDC, 230VAC and as GSM or LTE version. Optional accessories, such as tube adapters, can be ordered seperately at any time.
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